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Our Programs


House Nehemiah is a place of safety and a chidlren's home to help vulnerable and abused children in our community.     


Esther Project

The Esther Program is a home-based care program that aims to assist single-headed households with food, basic needs and everything their children may need to succeed.


Life Skills and Holiday Clubs

We focus on developing children and youth by facilitating a ministry program every holiday, educating children with education tools like puzzles and using sport as a way to experience what they have learned during the lesson.

Volunteers Serving Food

Feeding Network

We currently feed more than 100 children weekly. Along with the feeding program we build and encourage children to focus on their education.

Kids with Capes


We also offer group and individual counselling sessions to more than 100 children a month. These sessions focus to help children with behaviour modification and working through traumatic experiences so they can excel in school and life.


Play Therapy

Specialized care for children and young people dealing with trauma or who have undergone traumatic experiences.


Mentorship Programs

Our mentorship program focuses to mentor young boys with absent fathers so that they may become good men. We primarily work with young boys with between the ages of 5 and 10. Our long-term mentorship approach means that we will continue to be part of their lives throughout their school career and beyond.


Ministry Programs

We currently work in 12 schools in the Westrand. Our life skills and school’s programs runs throughout the year. The aim of this program is to help children and youth make decisions for their future. 

Children Praying

Bible Clubs

We believe transformation takes place in a relational learning environment where God’s Word is spoken, His Spirit guides, and a child encounters the love of Jesus by becoming an active participant in God’s story and not just a distant observer.

House Nehemiah

HN Tutoring 2.jpeg

Why did we open House Nehemiah?

We saw a very big need to open a place of safety to help vulnerable and abused children in our community.  

The name House Nehemiah comes from Nehemiah in the Bible. He felt a burden from God to rebuild the walls in Jerusalem. He had a strong desire to do something tangible for God and be part of a story of restoration.

And so House Nehemiah was opened to rebuild and restore children. The home serves up to 30 children and young people in need. 

Just like any other home, there are many resources needed to address the needs of the children.

There are many great ways you can get involved:

1) A monthly donation. You can make your donation here.

2) Purchase a food store voucher and send it to us to buy groceries.

3) Help with every day needs such as petrol and electricity.

Contact us if you can help in any way. It will go a long way to help the children in our care. 

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